EID Alert , Pakistani Over Seas Ladies Be Aware of Seasonal Brands & Discount Tactics

Save Yourself From Hassles !

Salam Beautiful Ladies

EID is coming and so is the Seasonal Vendors. we have Noticed, there are many seasonal Brands came up and doing shoots for outfits to sell People Living abroad For Eid and they will Vanish as soon as this season is over.

Be Aware Ladies, as when they do shoot, they use Pure Fabrics & Use enhance Editing to show their outfits look very beautiful but they Deliver Poorest Fabric & un acceptable stitching Inshort they end up ruining your EID and making their own.

We advice you to only use Reliable Designers with which you have confidence & history of past experience

We have heard horrible stories from almost every one of our client that those Designer's who put up huge sales/promotion/discount have not delivered any outfits since 3 to 4 months to most of you.

While those few, who had their active family members in Pakistan and were harshly following got shipment but with poorest quality & stuff not Wearable.

We had Already informed everyone in Advance that they do not have the man power or capacity nor Capability to deliver what they are claiming.

Hence it is proof that Sales/Promotion & Discounts are not worth giving your money & go through utter Disappointment in return for no reason !

However, we are here at Your service, As a most trusted partner for all your wardrobe needs.

Delivery in 7 To 15 Days at Your Door Step Worldwide !

Have a Blessed Day

Sarosh Salman

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